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Created by CCTVwholesalers President Bryan Lagarde in 2009, ProjectNOLA is a non-profit developed to help keep those who live, work and visit the City of New Orleans safe, by enhancing the efficiency of local law enforcement and by promoting community communications and awareness.

Our free services to the community:

  • By leveraging the power of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook & Google+, ProjectNOLA provides real-time eAlerts to over 300k citizens, first responders, and local media on breaking crimes and dangerous situations. Our eAlerts are typically issued as the first emergency units are arriving on scene, and often include perpetrator descriptions, direction of flight, types of vehicles & weapons used, and to what part of the body the victim may be injured to (which helps local ER staffers), providing critical situational awareness.
  • ProjectNOLA maintains it's very own city-wide non-profit crime camera system, currently featuring almost 400 HD cameras, and believed to be the largest system of it's kind in the World. Placed on local homes and businesses, our cameras link to our central command center via the Internet, and allow us to provide responding units with invaluable real-time supplemental information. Given our many and constant successes assisting responding detectives on crimes ranging from homicides, shootings, stabbings, home invasions, robbery, burglary, thefts and more... it's likely that the ProjectNOLA non-profit crime camera system is the most successful city-wide crime camera system in America!
  • Often plagued with having to obtain vital surveillance footage from 3rd party poor-quality/ difficult to use surveillance systems, ProjectNOLA has developed a system that allows on-scene detectives to quickly transfer crime footage to our offices, where we work to clarify the picture into something more usable.
  • Recognizing the need for emergency, on-scene, language translations, ProjectNOLA designed a special computerized phone system, which would link qualified translators to first responders. As per the guidance kindly provided by Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, our special phone-based translation system automatically records the session so that the language translations would be properly documented. At present, this system is not being used by the NOPD, as our solution is unique and rank is trying to come up with a training program for our volunteers.
  • ProjectNOLA has provided free state-of-the-art audio/video interview systems for the NOPD, special surveillance electronics to detectives, and may provide special logistical assistance and support to requesting officers, rank and detectives. At current, we are working on building our own mobile crisis command center, which will provide vital assistance when needed.

While our non-profit work is currently limited to Orleans Parish, we can duplicate what we have successfully accomplished here elsewhere in the World. Should you have questions, or wish to get involved with ProjectNOLA, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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Our Price: $2.75

Looking for an easy way to possibly reduce criminal activity in your neighborhood?  Simply peel & stick our highly visible CRIMINAL BEWARE decals, and let prospective criminals know that ProjectNOLA HD Crime Cameras are in the area!
ProjectNOLA "CRIMINAL BEWARE" large 18x12 reflective sign
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $16.99
You save $18.01!

Constructed of durable .040 Aluminum and specially coated with 3M highly-reflective coating, our pole-mount-ready CRIMINAL BEWARE/ CRIME CAMERA / e-NEIGHBORHHOD watch sign is pre-tapped and ready to hang!  Let prospective criminals know that your neighborhood means business!
ProjectNOLA Day/Night HD Crime Camera Bundle including 1 year of ProjectNOLA. Buyer ensures that the camera will be focused on a Orleans, Jefferson or St. Bernard Parish thoroughfare or park and maintain Internet connectivity to ProjectNOLA's cloud.
Our Price: $346.00

You've heard about ProjectNOLA's highly successful High Definition non-profit crime camera system and how it's been helping to reduce crime while increasing quality of life within Orleans, St. Bernard and Jefferson Parishes. Now, let ProjectNOLA help better protect your home or business while taking advantage of our new specially discounted bundled pricing!!! Within just a matter of days, you too may be viewing your HD crime camera(s)s via your smart phone, tablet or PC... while also helping to better protect your neighborhood.

Our contract-free specially discounted bundle makes it easier and cheaper to participate with the ProjectNOLA crime camera system. However, as our company is applying a special corporate match donation to your order in an effort to help better protect your neighborhood, we do ask that you please focus your crime camera at a public park or thoroughfare. Remember though, as our HD crime cameras feature a wide-screen format, you will likely also be viewing an exceptionally clear view of your front yard, walkway and driveway. How clear? Well enough for us to view individual blades of grass on the ground, leaves on a tree... and depending on conditions... a criminal perpetrating a crime a block away. And yes, we may also provide specially-discounted pricing on additional HD cameras should you also wish to view a side or rear yard, or even an interior shot of your business... just call us to learn more or ask us questions.

H.264 Pentaplex NVR featuring 1080p recording for up to 4 IP cameras, surveillance-grade HHD, HDMI, Giga LAN and smart phone/device apps to view live and playback video via the Internet
Our Price: $349.95

Easily and reliably record up to 4 High Definition IP cameras with our H.264 Pentaplex NVR, featuring 1080p recording for superior picture quality, high-end surveillance grade hard drive to help ensure a long and trouble-free service life, and easy to use apps that will allow you to quickly review live and recorded video from anywhere in the world via the Internet!  Free tech support for life and a 1 year/ 1 time instant swap warranty, should your NVR fail due to manufacturer's defect.
ProjectNOLA complete system featuring 4~8 720 OR 1080p HD-TVI cameras, Pro-DVR, accessories, and 1yr of ProjectNOLA maintenance fees. Must focus at least 1 camera towards street and maintain Internet connection to ProjectNOLA cloud.
Our Price: $999.00

Take advantage of special introductory special pricing on our latest addition to the ProjectNOLA non-profit crime camera network! Available in 4 or 8 camera packages and 720 or 1080p HD recording, ProjectNOLA will only access the street-facing crime camera(s). View live and recorded video from all your cameras via the Internet from a compatible smart phone/device/PC.

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