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Since 1998, CCTVwholesalers has been given an A+ rating by the BBB

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Custom Surveillance Solutions
Last Updated: 05/30/2010
Since 1998, cctvwholesalers has provided high quality custom video surveillance solutions to help you protect your investments. Since we manufacture most everything we sell, cctvwholesalers is uniquely qualified to offer customized solutions that are designed to resist the most challenging of conditions. We’ve been directly involved in developing our own line of digital video surveillance systems since 1999.

Our PC-Witness products are designed to offer advanced recording and remote video monitoring capabilities. We can customize our digital video recorders to include terabytes of data storage and survive the most grueling environmental conditions. In addition to our own line of full-featured PC-Witness digital video recorders, we offer a wide selection of residential, commercial and industrial video security products to meet most any need. Whether you need a single camera or a multi-camera solution, we have a solution priced to fit your budget.

Cctvwholesalers has created customized video surveillance solutions for a wide range of businesses. Through close relationships with our overseas partners, we can offer advanced solutions to your growing security needs, and give you the tools to manage your home or business more effectively. We strongly believe that adding video surveillance technology is a valued investment in your home or business.

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