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ProjectNOLA Day/Night HD Crime Camera Bundle including 1 year of ProjectNOLA. Buyer ensures that the camera will be focused on a Orleans, Jefferson or St. Bernard Parish thoroughfare or park and maintain Internet connectivity to ProjectNOLA's cloud. ProjectNOLA complete system featuring 4~8 720 OR 1080p HD-TVI cameras, Pro-DVR, accessories, and 1yr of ProjectNOLA maintenance fees. Must focus at least 1 camera towards street and maintain Internet connection to ProjectNOLA cloud.
Our Price: $346.00
Our Price: $999.00
You've heard about ProjectNOLA's highly successful High Definition non-profit crime camera system and how it's been helping to reduce crime while increasing quality of life within Orleans, St. Bernard and Jefferson Parishes. Now, let ProjectNOLA help better protect your home or business while taking advantage of our new specially discounted bundled pricing!!! Within just a matter of days, you too may be viewing your HD crime camera(s)s via your smart phone, tablet or PC... while also helping to better protect your neighborhood.

Our contract-free specially discounted bundle makes it easier and cheaper to participate with the ProjectNOLA crime camera system. However, as our company is applying a special corporate match donation to your order in an effort to help better protect your neighborhood, we do ask that you please focus your crime camera at a public park or thoroughfare. Remember though, as our HD crime cameras feature a wide-screen format, you will likely also be viewing an exceptionally clear view of your front yard, walkway and driveway. How clear? Well enough for us to view individual blades of grass on the ground, leaves on a tree... and depending on conditions... a criminal perpetrating a crime a block away. And yes, we may also provide specially-discounted pricing on additional HD cameras should you also wish to view a side or rear yard, or even an interior shot of your business... just call us to learn more or ask us questions.

Take advantage of special introductory special pricing on our latest addition to the ProjectNOLA non-profit crime camera network! Available in 4 or 8 camera packages and 720 or 1080p HD recording, ProjectNOLA will only access the street-facing crime camera(s). View live and recorded video from all your cameras via the Internet from a compatible smart phone/device/PC.

Complete High Defintion package featuring Day/Night HD-TVI cameras, a 1TB real-time full-feature NVR, camera cables and power supply
Our Price: $1,045.00
Complete pro-grade High Definition surveillance package including Day/Night cameras, DVR, smart phone/device apps, cables, power supply, and management software should you wish to link multiple units located at separate locations about the world into a single viewing station! Choose from 720p or 1080p cameras, and 1TB-3TB storage options.

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PC-Witness Pro V/RT, 8 Pro-Grade/ 0 LUX Camera Package, featuring High-Res. 1/3", FULL Chip Sony CCDs

List Price: $5,200.00
Our Price: $2,800.00
You save $2,400.00!
Forget about monthly contracts and an alarm only going going off after someone breaks through your door or window!  An "Intelligent" hybrid DVR system featuring our PC-Witness Pro V/RT and High Res. / 0 Light cameras, this package is designed to call, beep, email (with pictures), instant message, and sound an alarm should a person approach your home or business.  NOT to be compared to non-intelligent stand-alone DVR systems, this package is like having a guard on your property, who will alert you in real time, to a possible situation.  Our PC-Witness is designed for advanced motion detections, missing object detection, suspicious object (bomb, graffiti, etc.) detection, tamper detection, wrong-way detection, can even tell the difference between an animal and a human, and MUCH more!  Setup is point and click simple, and should you have questions, our support is nothing short of fanatical (and we have a BBB A+ rating to prove it).  Should you wish, we can even remote into your DVR, and provide FREE setup coaching!  Need help configuring your router?  Sure... we can help you with that too!  To make your life easier, this package includes 6 High-Res KG-602IR wide angle cameras and 2 High-Res KG-602IRVF varifocal cameras, which may be installed indoors our outdoors, in any orientation (upside down, right side up, on a wall, etc.).  Questions, or Interested in financing?  Please call us for more info.

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KG-220CWR 420TVL/ 0.5 LUX Color Bullet Camera featuring FC 1/4" Sony CCD
Our Price: $67.95
KG-602IR 580TVL/0LUX Outdoor IR - Color Sony Superhad 1/3" CCD sees 40' in Zero Light
Our Price: $94.95

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