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KG-650 550TVL/0Lux Outdoor IR Mini-Dome - 1/3" Sony SuperHAD II CCD AVerDiGi EH1004H Pro-Grade 120fps H.264 4-port networkable/meshable hybrid NVR/DVR w/1TB Enterprise Grade hard drive
List Price: $303.03
Our Price: $149.99
You save $153.04!
List Price: $799.95
Our Price: $579.95
You save $220.00!
Our smallest infrared dome camera, the KG-650IR has ten IR illuminators that enable the camera to see up to 25' in total darkness at an incredible 550 TV Lines of resolution. Coupled with it's small size and wide-angle 2.9mm lens, this camera is perfect for entry-point surveillance. Fully weatherproof, the camera can be mounted outside to watch doors, gates and windows. Only about the size of an orange, this camera is uniquely designed to allow the camera to be positioned independently of its mounting base, meaning it can be mounted on virtually any flat surface: walls, ceilings, overhangs and floors are all fair game. Additionally, since the camera is a full chip Sony (meaning every chip in the camera was made by Sony), the camera can be expected to deliver high performance for up to a decade. Great for homes or small businesses, the AVerDiGi EH1004H Series is a fully-functional hybrid NVR/DVR in a lightweight and compact package. The EH1004H offers higher analog image resolution than many competing models (full D1 at 720 x 480), giving you clear pictures of what's going on around your property. As a hybrid NVR/DVR, the EH1004H can support up to four 2-megapixel IP cameras. The embedded Linux operating system offers users a graphical interface that's easy to learn and use. Advanced H.264 video encoding is the future of video compression, and allows the EH1004H to store higher quality video in a small space, giving you more recorded footage than ever before. The EH1004H also offers remote access (internet viewing) with meshing capabilities, and allows users to adjust picture quality, framerate, and motion detection parameters on a camera-by-camera basis for total control. The DVR comes with a 1TB surveillance-grade hard drive.
4 IR Camera High-Res. package featuring pro-grade 120fps, meshable, D1 DVR, and cameras featuring Sony 1/3" FULL Chip CCD.
Our Price: $1,079.95
Designed for indoors or outdoors, normal light or zero light, and featuring 1/3" FULL Chip Sony CCDs and a pro-grade 120fps DVR that records at D1 resolution (4 times higher-resolution than most DVRs sold today) & can be meshed with other DVR systems (allowing you to combine other DVRs and view multiple business/ residential locations on a single screen), this system is NOT to be confused with other packages sold by our competitors at similar prices!!!  Our FULL chip Sony CCD cameras have an expected life cycle of OVER 11 years before the picture even begins to fade, will be able to see in the equivalent of moonlight even after the IR lamps eventually burn out, and are designed to out-preform other brand cameras in "real-life" lighting situations involving low-light, bright light, and glare.  Rather than using standard grade hard drives that are NOT designed for constant read, writing, and deleting (and only last a couple of years in a DVR), all CCTVWholesalers.com DVRs feature ENTERPRISE/ CCTV level hard drives, which are specifically designed to last much longer. This package features a 2TB hard drive which, with typical recording settings, can store more than 45 days of video.

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PC-Witness Pro V/RT, 8 Pro-Grade/ 0 LUX Camera Package, featuring High-Res. 1/3", FULL Chip Sony CCDs

List Price: $5,200.00
Our Price: $2,800.00
You save $2,400.00!
Forget about monthly contracts and an alarm only going going off after someone breaks through your door or window!  An "Intelligent" hybrid DVR system featuring our PC-Witness Pro V/RT and High Res. / 0 Light cameras, this package is designed to call, beep, email (with pictures), instant message, and sound an alarm should a person approach your home or business.  NOT to be compared to non-intelligent stand-alone DVR systems, this package is like having a guard on your property, who will alert you in real time, to a possible situation.  Our PC-Witness is designed for advanced motion detections, missing object detection, suspicious object (bomb, graffiti, etc.) detection, tamper detection, wrong-way detection, can even tell the difference between an animal and a human, and MUCH more!  Setup is point and click simple, and should you have questions, our support is nothing short of fanatical (and we have a BBB A+ rating to prove it).  Should you wish, we can even remote into your DVR, and provide FREE setup coaching!  Need help configuring your router?  Sure... we can help you with that too!  To make your life easier, this package includes 6 High-Res KG-602IR wide angle cameras and 2 High-Res KG-602IRVF varifocal cameras, which may be installed indoors our outdoors, in any orientation (upside down, right side up, on a wall, etc.).  Questions, or Interested in financing?  Please call us for more info.

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